My new Midi sequencer Box
Most commercial midi sequencers for standard midi equipment are expensive and not flexible. Thus, I have decided to built my own from scratch. Briefly, I have used a microcontroller (6 E), a push button panel (5 E), a midi jack (1 E), a 220 ohm resistor (0.5 E), and a potentiometer (2 E). All the things were cooked in an old metallic box which was used as a case for a watch in former times. Currently, the sequencer can address 4 midi channels, which can in principle be increased to 16. So far, I use it for live programming of different midi equipment. Herein I have adapted the code to control the volca sample. For that purpose I have programmed 10 fixed sequences which I can select by dialing the potentiometer knob. Additional 10 sequences are generated randomly pushing a specified button. The different sequences can be addressed to a specified midi channel, triggering the volca sample. Despite of selecting the sequences by hand via the potentiometer there is an option to do this randomly. If you have got a kaossilator, the same principle is known from its gate sequencer. I hope that you enjoy the video and that you feel encouraged to built your own little midi toys, because they may support you during live performances without the need to use a daw. (The artist and his work should be in the focus of a performance – not the computer!!!) Thasnks again for watching and if you have time you are welcome to visit my bandcamp and soundcloud account.